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Celebrity Teacher offers a range of courses and services designed
to meet your needs, address teacher stress and burnout,
and support you to survive now and flourish into your future 
as a competent, confident teacher.


The coaching we offer focuses on a beginning teacher’s personal development. You set the agenda. Your coach uses active listening and various specialised questioning techniques within a tried and tested model to help you set your goals and work towards achieving.

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Teacher stress workshopsWORKSHOPS & EVENTS

We offer a range of fun group learning opportunities. These workshops offer the chance to network with other teachers with similar concerns to you. Be exposed to new ideas and approaches to teaching. Make connections to pool and share resources.

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Celebrity Teacher is an accredited and licensed user of the MTQ48 Psychometric Measure. Completing the MTQ48 measures you against the four scales of Mental Toughness (Commitment, Control, Challenge, Confidence) and sets out development and coaching options.

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We understand that every school context is different and complex in its own ways. That sometimes requires a unique response. Please don't hesitate to make contact to ask about other ways we can support you - like in-school professional development workshops or consultancy

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Hover your mouse over the tiles below to browse our upcoming Workshops and Events. You can filter the list by State below also, and click through if you'd like to make a booking. If you'd like any further information, please don't hesistate to get in touch.


At Celebrity Teacher we help you unlock your full potential to inspire and motivate students through positive engagement strategies with your school community.

Who we are?

At Celebrity Teacher we help you unlock your full potential to inspire and motivate students through positive engagement strategies with your school community. We help you bring your best self to the classroom and the staffroom by increasing your critical awareness of life-work balance. Celebrity Teacher focuses on teacher wellbeing and the process of building teacher resilience through the construction of a positive teacher identity, especially in the early years. Celebrity Teacher is presented by Dean McManus and offers workshops, coaching and other professional learning opportunities for teachers targeting areas of concern for new teachers, as identified in the research, including effective classroom management. Dean has been a secondary and primary music teacher for 18 years and has worked across all education sectors. Click here to find out more about Dean.

Why Choose Us?

 Are you:

“This teacher is negative and emotional … I don’t know how to shift their attitude.” Book your beginning teacher into one of our workshops or coaching packages and you will ensure you keep a talented teacher on staff. They will also be in a better headspace to be supported by you. When a beginning teacher is feeling more relaxed and confident they will be better able to have a constructive dialogue about what they need. If you want to have engaged and effective staff, you need to be able to connect with them and encourage them to be their best self at work.
“The person I love is always stressed and irritable and I am vicariously experiencing their work stress.” Book the beginning teacher in your life into one of our workshops or coaching packages. We even have workshops and webinars for you that will give you the skills and tools to help your partner or relative switch off from work and enjoy home life more. When they are feeling more relaxed at work, they will stick with a job they love and you will have a brighter future with more quality time together. Let us play the role of coach so you can commit to your role as loving and supportive partner or family member.
“I see myself in this beginning teacher. I remember feeling overwhelmed too. But I’m scared they might not pull through.” Tell your colleague about Celebrity Teacher today to unlock the potential of a great team member and help nurture teacher resilience. You can even book to attend with them. Demonstrate that you are a supportive team player by learning new ways to better debrief beginning teachers – this could be the start of your journey as a mentor. Sometimes the needs of your colleague are going to be better met from outside the system. Rather than encouraging them to throw stones, encourage them to take time out so they can return to work effectively within the complex education system.
“The teacher whose class I love is talking about leaving!” Tell your teacher about Celebrity Teacher. They will find other cool teachers just like them. With Celebrity Teacher they will learn to accept and enjoy being a square peg in a round hole. You deserve to be more motivated and inspired to achieve in your subject – and you’ll be able to do that when your teacher is able to connect with you in a real way. As a result you will come to value professional friendships and learn to respect and set clear boundaries in your other relationships. Tell your teacher about Celebrity Teacher today!

What's New?

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Our Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing PD is endorsed by BOSTES (NSW) and TQI (ACT) addressing 6.3.2 & 7.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in each state.

Workshop dates for Term 4 of 2015 have been finalised. They appear on the WORKSHOPS page.

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Emily, beginning teacher, Aspect School Hunter,  NSW

“Thank you for highlighting things we all do but they may not be so great for us. You made me feel human, but also how I can be a better human. It made me think about people in my life and how these little areas can cause depression and anxiety. A lot of great things to continually review and practice. So much to think about and incorporate.”

Georgina McInnes, 1st year out teacher, NSW

“An exciting and engaging workshop highly relevant to beginning teachers develops a variety of strategies for new scheme teachers to deal with the pressures of becoming a teacher whether it be in the classroom, staffroom or within their personal life. A must have experience for all teachers at the beginning of their careers!”

David Caulfield, pre-service teacher, NSW

“Dean was a high-energy presenter that made the day a lot of fun. As a pre-service teacher the day gave me a great insight into some of the stresses of teaching and a number of tools to help me deal with them. It was also a great networking opportunity to get to know beginning teachers. I recommend the workshop to all pre-service teachers.”

Jill McGuire, Music Teacher, NSW

“In my five years of classroom teaching this is the first workshop that I have attended that has focussed on one of the most important things about being a teacher, yourself.

We spend so much time as teachers concentrating on pedagogy, curriculum, student learning and behaviour management that we rarely make the time to focus on ourselves.

Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing will not only make you a better teacher but it will also make you a better person. This workshop offers teachers the opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and rejuvenate, something that we can all benefit from doing a lot more of!

Dean is a charismatic and approachable presenter. He’s clearly very passionate about mental health and wellbeing, particularly in regards to teachers, and shares a great deal of knowledge, experience and insight during this workshop. The content and activities are relevant and I especially liked the idea of an emotions log, learning about different pro-active coping strategies, and being given the opportunity to create a personal action plan.

I walked away from this workshop feeling confident because I now have a better understanding of my emotions. I also now have new skills I can use to build resilience for those situations that can sometimes just tip me over the edge. If you care about yourself or simply just need some time to learn more about yourself, then this is the workshop for you!”

Theresa Thomas, Teacher, NSW

“I’d like to highly recommend new teachers take advantage of this valuable course. It covers a number of topics not covered while in training. eg. How to be resilient in stressful situations. Once you’ve experienced the problems related to teaching, the suggestions given by the presenter, other participants and the handouts make sense in their application – Something to carry with you throughout your career as well as your personal life.
The seminar was enjoyable with Dean keeping the atmosphere upbeat and making participants feel at ease so that everyone was prepared to share their experiences.”

Dr Claudine Moutou, University Lecturer

“I’m a first year lecturer teaching post graduate students. Dean came to my workplace and helped me practice my pose and delivery of my first lecture. He filmed the session and I had this given to me afterwards. It was very helpful to have an opportunity to get constructive advice and opportunities to practice. It really made a difference and throughout the semester I’ve been applying techniques. It has really helped in feeling more control of the environment I create in the classroom.”

Joanne Robinson, Clinical Nurse Consultant.

“The positive impact of Celebrity Teacher must not be understated. If such a program existed when I was a new and beginning teacher, I would have most probably remained in the teaching profession. After today’s workshop, I feel empowered to use the skills gained from Celebrity Teacher in my clinical practice. My resilience skills have been enhanced significantly. The presentation was professionally and proficiently delivered.”

Lisa Allison, Teacher, NSW

“I’ve just begun the role of working as a mentor for beginning teachers. As a teacher who is mid-career, my teaching practice is established and I feel confident, however many of the sessions will be useful for me to work with and mentor teachers that are struggling with resilience.
Dean is an entertaining presenter who obviously knows his stuff. I believe this is a unique workshop that will empower new teachers, or those who are struggling with motivation or resilience.
The day went really quickly – however was packed with strategies I will take back to my workplace.”

Liz Murray, executive, Aspect School Hunter, NSW

“I loved the whole day. Your presentation style is very engaging and you created a great atmosphere for staff to feel safe and engaged.”









More feedback from participants

"This workshop [Teacher Resilience & Wellbeing] gave me great insight into the teaching profession. It has given me a level of confidence to try different approaches in my usual classroom teaching practice. I have understood the meaning of 'resilience' and its importance in the life of a teacher."

Prisca, (Beginning teacher) Georges River College NSW

"This introductory workshop on Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing was wonderful - highly engaging, very entertaining and extremely useful (both for beginning teachers and experienced teachers). Given the pressures and demands of this profession, this is a must for all teaching staff and school executive."

 Christine, (Teacher mentor) Georges RIver College NSW

"This inservice was so relevant to my practice - I wish everyone I know could have seen this. The strategies were practical, the research inspiring, the presentation engaging and the anecdotes - very relatable. Would go and see this again!"

School Counsellor, New England region NSW

"Fantastic opportunity to look at ourselves and think about what we need to work on, value and accept. Thoroughly enjoyed Dean's presentation and feel empowered to face this term's difficulties. The humour was enlightening - big thank you!"

Tracey, Aspect School Hunter, NSW

"Dean was funny, engaging and gave a great a first year teacher there were many aspects of what we learnt I can relate to and found myself keen to learn more about."

 Glen, (beginning teacher) BayView State School QLD

"The best professional development I've ever been to!"

Jaclyn, (beginning teacher) Kingsgrove North High School NSW

"Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to other courses. Keep up the good work."

David, BayView State School, QLD

"Dean made this course interesting and easily digestible. I recommend all teachers to do this course."

Robert, (experienced teacher) Macquarie Fields High School NSW

"What a fabulous planned & presented workshop. It is so refreshing for teachers' professional learning to focus on the resilience & wellbeing of the teacher. I highly recommend this workshop to all teachers, no matter what stage of their career"

Stacey, (beginning teacher) Denison College Bathurst NSW


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