Celebrity Teacher Event - Parramatta NSW, 14 March 2016

Mental Toughness for Positive Teacher Identity

Workshop / Event Data:

Parramatta NSW, 14 March 2016

Workshop / Event Place:

Parramatta NSW

Hour Duration:

8:30am - 3:00pm


Mantra Parramatta, 1 Valentine Ave



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Mental Toughness is a mindset which determines, in some part, how you perform when exposed to stressors, pressure and challenge. It can play a significant role in determining how you manage stress as well as being a key factor in enabling you to perform to the peak of your abilities.

This workshop explores the 4 Cs Model of Mental Toughness (Commitment, Control, Challenge and Confidence) developed at the University of Hull (UK) under the direction of Dr Peter Clough. Dean McManus of Celebrity Teacher is a licensed facilitator of the Mental Toughness Development Program & MTQ48 measure that has grown out of the work of Dr Clough and Doug Strycharczyk.

All participants in this workshop are given a login and password to complete the MTQ48 measure online prior to the workshop. It takes 7-10 minutes to complete. During the workshop participants will receive a report with their results and be given information on how to read it, interpret the results and use it to guide further development work. All reports are written in clear and simple language.

Participant outcomes
- Better understand stressors, pressure and challenge
- Deal with stress effectively
- Learn techniques to reduce the effects of stress
- Identify individual strengths and development needs
- Increase personal effectiveness and achieve peak performance
- Create and sustain effective plans to optimise performance and manage stress

What does it cost?

Registration for this workshop is $400 + GST. This includes all catering, a workbook and a report with results and a development plan following the MTQ48 test.

In Parramatta, this workshop is being offered the day after the Introductory Workshop: Teacher Resilience & Wellbeing. For any participant who wishes to go to both workshops on consecutive days, a discount of $50 applies to this ticket. You will receive a discount code when you book the Introductory Workshop.


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